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NagataConnex differs from most of our competitors in that we are one of the few legal recruiting firms in Canada who can offer a full service of headhunting, advertising and database search.


Most recruitment firms in Canada do not headhunt. They are solely reliant upon responses to advertisements and database searches to fill a position. With headhunting as an important component of the NagataConnex method, we can approach candidates that are ideally suited to your position. This means we are more effective and efficient in preparing a shortlist of candidates.

We find headhunting to be essential and it has proven to be a major component of many assignments that we have worked on. It enables us to identify candidates with the relevant skill set and personal profile and then approach them to discuss the position. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for taking the utmost professional and courteous approach when calling candidates and they respond well to our enquiries.


Advertising remains an effective recruitment tool and we have used it successfully to reach a wide audience. Certain industry publications are well read by lawyers seeking new positions, as well as those who have a passive interest in the opportunities that are available.

We will draft the ad, set advertisement text and advise on the placement of advertisements. We will then book the space in the relevant publications and liaise with printers and publishers. We have been able to obtain volume discounts for many of the legal journals and are able to pass that saving on to you.

Database Analysis

Given Lorene Nagata’s strong reputation in the legal market, NagataConnex is continually approached by top lawyers from law firms and corporations seeking a new challenge. In addition, our database is built up through lawyers who have responded to past advertising, as well as by the headhunting and research activities of previous assignments.